Get to know me


Today I thought that, because blogging is still new to me, I would sit down and write some things about me. Now, I’m not the best at writing about myself, so I’m just going to write this as if I was answering a questionnaire because…why not?

Name: Catherine Mitchell

Age, birthday, zodiac: 24, 30th September, Libra

Height: 5′ 5/8″ (lol)

Hometown: Newcastle, England

Dogs or Cats?: Dogs, always.

Biggest fears: Spiders, E.T.

Something I collect: Funko Pop! figures

Favourite movie: Star Wars…all of it.

Favourite superhero: Captain America

Favourite TV show: Gilmore Girls, The Office (US), Game of Thrones and Parks and Rec

Favourite band/artist: John Mayer, Demi Lovato, The Beatles, McFly

Favourite food: Pizza…or chocolate

Favourite makeup product: Either mascara or liquid lipstick

Favourite nail polish colours: Essie “Fiji”, Essie “Liquorice”, and Essie “Midnight Cami”

Favourite fashion item: Either my cute little Uggs with the bows, ballet flats, or my pink leather jacket.

Favourite video on the internet: This one of a french bulldog dancing to Wham!

Favourite moment of 2017: Getting to see Hamilton in London with my boyfriend.

Thing I’m most looking forward to right now: I have tickets to see Demi Lovato in June and I am EXCITED!

Something I want to do by the end of 2018: Hopefully putting down a deposit, with my boyfriend, on our first home.

Things I want to learn this year: 2D animation

Most embarrassing moment: I’m the queen of embarrassing moments. My boyfriend has a list. But I’m going to go with either the time I set off all the security alarms in a shop while I was trying to look at a camera…or when I went out with odd shoes on and didn’t realise for way too long.

Most impulsive thing I’ve ever done: Getting my tragus pierced…after 3 days of research.

I hope this helped you get to know me better!

Catherine 🙂



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