Bold brows, always.

Over the last few years, eyebrows have become a crucial step in everyone’s makeup routine. Gone are the days of over-plucking your brows until they were one hair thick (guilty!). Everyone now wants thick, full eyebrows. They frame your face, and pull everything together. I, personally, am a huge fan of a bold brow, no matter what makeup look I’m wearing. Today I wanted to share my favourite (affordable) products for achieving the perfect bold brow. Currently, I’m gravitating more towards brow pomades, but whether you prefer pomades, pencils or powders, there’s an option here for you.

Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade – £6 available at Superdrug

This is my current go-to brow product. It’s inexpensive, pigmented, and lasts all day. It’s so easy to use, and means you’re able to fill in your brows super quickly. When you buy this, it does come with a small brush, which isn’t the best quality or shape for filling in your brows. I prefer using this brush from NYX. It can dry out a little bit fast, so make sure you screw that lid on tightly to get the most use out of it! I use the shade “Dark Brown”.

L’oreal Paradise Brow Pomade – £9.99 available at Boots and Superdrug

Honestly, of all the drugstore brow pomades I’ve tried, I think this is up there as one of my absolute favourites. It’s so easy to use, lasts all day and doesn’t dry out as quickly as some brow pomades. Plus, it comes with a tiny brush in the lid. The brush is ok, but I’d still recommend using a different brush. I use the shade “Brunette”.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil – £8 available at Boots

This is my absolute favourite brow pencil. Its small, easy to use and comes in a variety of colours to match every hair colour. If you’re looking for a good, inexpensive eyebrow pencil, be sure to get yourself down to Boots to try this one out! It has a fine-tipped, twist-up pencil on one end, and a spoolie brush on the other. I use this in the shades “Chocolate” and “Ash Brown”.

Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil – £8.50 available at Boots

Another great, affordable brow pencil is this one from Soap & Glory. Like the NYX pencil, it has a fine-tipped, twist-up pencil and spoolie brush. I use the shade “Hot Chocolate”.

E.L.F Eyebrow Kit – £4.50 available at Superdrug

This kit comes with a wax, a powder and a mini brow brush (throw it away, use your own). Use the wax first, to shape and colour, then add the powder to fill and set. Voila, perfect brows. This even comes with a small mirror inside, for easy application on the go. I have the shade “Medium”, but I could probably use the shade “Dark”.

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