At Home Gel Manicures with Mylee Beauty

I love the longevity of gel polish, but I hate people touching my hands. In fact, in the last year, I’ve only had them done professionally twice (once for my trip to Rome and then again for my birthday). So, when I saw Sophie Hannah’s gel nails tutorial on IGTV, I made the very impulsive decision to buy myself a proper kit!

After 20 minutes trying to decide which kit to order, I finally decided on the Mylee Gel Polish Essentials Kit (£99.99). This kit comes with everything you need to start out doing gel nails, including:

  • Mylee Salon Series Pro LED lamp
  • Mylee MYGEL top coat
  • Mylee MYGEL base coat
  • 4x Mylee MYGEL gel polishes (in varying shades of pink)
  • 100x lint-free wipes
  • Mylee Gel Prep and Wipe
  • Mylee Gel Polish Remover

I also ordered a buffing block, foil wraps (for removal), a pack of wooden cuticle pushers and a couple of additional gel polishes. I’ve since bought approximately 15 more polishes…I’m obsessed. All of the polishes apply smoothly and are mostly opaque in 2 coat – 3 coats for pastels.

The whole set was super easy to use, and came with clear instructions. A lot of the process has been a bit of trial and error to try and get the longest wear out of the polish (pro tip: try to avoid flooding the cuticles as this can make the polish lift way quicker). I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it now, and get the maximum wear out of my manicure, although I’m a bit impatient and usually want to change things up after a week.

Pastel Chic after application and after 1 week of wear

I’ve even bought a set of nail art tools and some plastic swatch sticks to practice on and tried my hand (lol) at nail art. And I’m not too bad at it, if I do say so myself!

Please appreciate my Spider-man, he took 45 minutes.

One of the biggest things that I hated about getting my nails done professionally (other than practically holding hands with a stranger) was the cost. I just can’t justify spending £25 every two weeks just for someone to paint my nails. The Mylee kit pays for itself within 4 uses, and the polishes are around the same cost as buying a regular nail polish in Boots!

I would absolutely recommend this kit to anyone who wants to be able to do their own gels at home. I’m completely obsessed with how easy it is. It’s becoming one of my favourite things to do!

You can buy Mylee Beauty from, Feel Unique, Just Beauty and Amazon.

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